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We support all businesses in replacing repetitive, manual processes and systems by automating and facilitating integrations. Also, fast-tracking access to new and innovative technologies.

Our Products

>Income and Employment Verification

Income and Employment Verification

Easily verify income and employment information of individuals or businesses in less than 30 seconds.

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>Data Exchange

Data Exchange

Globally secure, scalable, data and document exchange platform that automates your business processes allowing your focus to be on providing your clients with a great customer experience.

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>Asset Verification

Asset Verification

Allows buyers and financiers the quickest and easiest way to validate a vendor, their ownership, and the incumbency of their assets within 30 minutes.

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>Identity Verification

Identity Verification

Verify any individual or business with our KYC, KYB, AML/CTF and monitoring services within seconds.

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>Categorise AI

Categorise AI

Categorise any data or documents within seconds with our AI and Machine learning, by understanding the context and structure.

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>Cross-Check AI

Cross-Check AI

AI-powered cross-check validation service, automating complex crosschecks and detailed reporting of data or documents.

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Helping organisations to sign, request and edit documents with a simple set up and user friendly interface.

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Helping organisations to sign, request, edit and witness documents with a simple setup and user friendly interface.

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>Redact AI

Redact AI

Automatically redact sensitive information from any data or document with our AI, offering 20+ different data redaction templates and support for any file type.

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>Extract AI

Extract AI

Automatically extract information from any data or document with our AI, offering 17 different data extraction templates and support for any file type.

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Store, encrypt and manage your organisation's information and data with our eVault service, built with cyber security in mind.

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Digital Solutions Marketplace

Digital Solutions Marketplace

Exchange, Verify, Sign, Witness, Validate, Categorise, Cross-Check, Redact and Store data / documents with DoxAI.




We follow strict information security policies and procedures encompassing the security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality of customer data. This applies to both our customers and our customers' customers.


Our platforms and services are built with state-of-the-art architecture by incorporating technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker. This allows us to be ready to handle your business needs today and tomorrow.


All our platforms and services are customisable. This allows us to accommodate your business branding requirements without any extra customisation fees.

Plug and Play

All our services are designed in a modularised plug and play way. Simply connect to our APIs or iframe within minutes and achieve your business objectives quicker.

Available in:



Simply integrate our platforms and services in your products by copying and pasting our iframe solutions.



Our API is the quickest way to connect with our services to get the most out of your business needs and maximise your business results.

Custom Integration

Custom Integration

Our platform and services are customisable to your business needs, thanks to our modularised architecture.

Our clients

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Exchange, Verify, Sign, Witness, Validate, Categorise,
Redact and Store data and documents with DoxAI.

Why DoxAI?

Simplify and fast track your processes
Get more done with our digital solutions marketplace solution by automating your processes. Reduce your costs and fast-track your business and save upto 90% by digitalising your business.
All in one digital solutions marketplace
Our digital solutions marketplace provides an all-in-one solution that reduces all manual processes like vendor management, billing management, finding the right tool provider, and risk assessment.
Built with scalability and security in mind
At DoxAI, we built our platform with scalability and security in mind. We ensure that your data and processes are protected by best-in-class cyber security protocols and carefully architected to ensure maximum scalability.
Simple white label options
Our marketplace takes care of everything, including customisations. You can white label all our platforms and services with our user-friendly interface in seconds.
API and SDK enabled
DoxAI APIs and SDKs are powerful and easy to use tools. We provide a simple and complete documentation to help your team to integrate with our services and platforms.
Global expansion ready
DoxAI is globally ready. All our platforms and services are built to help your business thrive wherever you are. Our products are designed to service customers all around the globe by following local legislation and needs.