Redact AI

Redact sensitive information from any data source or document, offering autopilot redaction and a large variety of different data redaction templates and support for any file type.

What does it do?

Our redaction service protects and removes selected information from documents or
data files by blacking or cutting out the desired data in an irreversible manner.
Currently offering 20+ different data redaction templates and support for any file type.

Benefit Current Market Our Solutions
Accuracy of Redaction 14% 99.9%
Processing Time (30 pages) 5 minutes 30 seconds
Number of Templates 2 to 5 20+

What problem does it solve?

Many businesses in the past have been guilty of distributing documents without any redaction of confidential and sensitive
information. This has resulted in public scrutiny, heavy financial damages, regulatory penalties, and more.

Our Redaction Service plays a vital role in solving those problems and helping businesses remain compliant.
With a full suite of redaction tools to accurately redact all types of files, our unique service processes fully redact
and sanitise digital documents in real-time.

Key features

Invite your team members

Send invites from your account to your team members who can redact documents on your behalf.

Optical Character Recognition

Combined OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and automation lets you search for any word, number, or phrase on any file type.

Save time with templates

20+ automated redaction templates, including but not limited to Tax File Number, Credit Card Number, Debit Card Number, Australian Company Number, Reference Number, and Account Number.

Custom draw redaction

Redact information by drawing a selection box.

There are many industries that can
benefit from our Redaction Services,
including but not limited to the following

Banking, Finance and Lending

Banking, Finance
and Lending

Government and More

Governmental documents and records

Real Estate

Real Estate

Health / Aged Care

Health / Aged Care

Retail / Ecommerce

Retail / Ecommerce

Legal, Willsand Estates

Legal, Wills and Estates

Academia / Education

Academia / Education



Our Redaction Service
revolutionises the way redaction
processes are carried out.

Some crucial benefits of our Redaction include the following:

Immediate and Automated

The redaction process is extremely fast and capable of processing 30-page
documents in less than 30 seconds.

Create an automated process with our AI templates and our API’s.

Custom redactions and Easy integration

Carry out the redaction of documents based on custom boxes, text selection, and
usage of AI templates.

The service integrates with established workflows using API (application
programming interface), UI, or IFRAME in an easy and efficient manner.

Reduce your cost and Increase the security

Our affordable pricing and diverse options available for implementation ensure
businesses and individuals save a lot when redacting documents with us.

Our Redaction Service is SOC2 Type 2 certified and meets all the relevant compliance
and regulatory requirements, and the redaction takes place in a secure environment.

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Simply integrate our platforms and services in your products by copying and pasting our iframe solutions.



Our API is the quickest way to connect with our services to get the most out of your business needs and maximise your business results.

Custom Integration

Custom Integration

Our platform and services are customisable to your business needs, thanks to our modularised architecture.

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