DoxAI for Developers

Plug and play modular API’s services. Our modular approach enables you to deploy and connect new technologies in a simple, fast and secure way.

What does it do?

DoxAI Developers portal serves as the one-stop destination for all our DoxAI services through APIs.

These APIs enable seamless integration of DoxAI’s cutting-edge technology into your applications,
enabling you to take your projects to the next level with ease.

Services available

service eSign


service eWitnessing


service Employee-verification

Income and Employement Verification

service Document

Redaction AI

australian Driving

Australian DVS

service GlobalVerification

Global Risk Screening (PEPS)

service GlobalVerification

Global Risk Screening (PEP and Adverse Media)

service GlobalVerification

Global IDV (KYC / 1 + 1)

service GlobalVerification

Global IDV (Anti Money Laundering / 2 + 2)

passport ocr

Passport OCR

australian Driving

Driving license OCR

invoice ocr

Invoice OCR

face Match

Face Match

live Match

Liveness Check


Extract AI


Categorise AI


Cross-Check AI


Split AI




Asset Verification


Data Exchange

Ready to create your
next product?

Plug and Play

All our services are designed in a modularised plug and play way. Simply connect to
our APIs or iframe within minutes and achieve your business objectives quicker.


Our platforms and services are built with state-of-the-art architecture by
incorporating technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker. This allows us to be
ready to handle your business needs today and tomorrow.

Accelerated Growth

Our powerful, flexible, and secure API empowers businesses to accelerate growth
and deliver exceptional customer experiences. DoxAI’s API architecture accelerates
businesses to market, with a secure and high-performance solution that makes
integration smooth, and allows businesses to rapidly design, build and deploy applications.

Available in:



Simply integrate our platforms and services in your products by copying and pasting our iframe solutions.



Our API is the quickest way to connect with our services to get the most out of your business needs and maximise your business results.

Custom Integration

Custom Integration

Our platform and services are customisable to your business needs, thanks to our modularised architecture.

Automate Now!

Exchange, Verify, Sign, Witness, Validate, Categorise,
Redact and Store data and documents with DoxAI.

Why DoxAI?

Simplify and fast track your processes
Get more done with our digital solutions marketplace solution by automating your processes. Reduce your costs and fast-track your business and save upto 90% by digitalising your business.
All in one digital solutions marketplace
Our digital solutions marketplace provides an all-in-one solution that reduces all manual processes like vendor management, billing management, finding the right tool provider, and risk assessment.
Built with scalability and security in mind
At DoxAI, we built our platform with scalability and security in mind. We ensure that your data and processes are protected by best-in-class cyber security protocols and carefully architected to ensure maximum scalability.
Simple white label options
Our marketplace takes care of everything, including customisations. You can white label all our platforms and services with our user-friendly interface in seconds.
API and SDK enabled
DoxAI APIs and SDKs are powerful and easy to use tools. We provide a simple and complete documentation to help your team to integrate with our services and platforms.
Global expansion ready
DoxAI is globally ready. All our platforms and services are built to help your business thrive wherever you are. Our products are designed to service customers all around the globe by following local legislation and needs.