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What is Evault?

Evault is an innovative service that allows you to securely store, encrypt, and manage your organization’s data and information with a focus on cyber security.

How does Evault work?

Evault provides a state-of-the-art solution to store, protect, and manage your organizational data, ensuring it remains secure and easily accessible.

What problem does Evault solve?

Evault addresses the need for secure data storage and management by offering a platform built with robust cyber security measures, giving organizations peace of mind about the safety of their data.

What are the key features of Evault?

Evault offers several key features, including AES-256 Data encryption, 4096 document certifications, Hot and Cold Storage, Archiving Storage, Access Management, Auto Cross-Checking Enabled, and Auto Categorization Enabled. Evault’s features like document certifications and security measures enhance the integrity and authenticity of stored data, ensuring it remains unaltered and trustworthy.

How does AES-256 Data encryption work in Evault?

AES-256 encryption is a highly secure encryption standard used to protect your stored data from unauthorized access. Evault offers document certifications to ensure the authenticity and integrity of your stored documents.

What is Hot and Cold Storage in Evault?

Hot and Cold Storage options allow you to manage the accessibility and retrieval speed of your stored data based on its usage frequency. Evault’s Hot and Cold Storage options enable you to manage data accessibility and retrieval speed based on its frequency of use, ensuring efficient access to relevant information

How does Evault's Archiving Storage feature work?

Archiving Storage in Evault enables you to securely store older or less frequently accessed data while keeping it easily retrievable when needed. Evault’s Archiving Storage feature ensures secure, organized storage of older or less frequently accessed data, reducing clutter and improving accessibility.

How does Access Management function in Evault?

Access Management allows you to control who can access and manage the stored data, enhancing security and privacy.

What does Auto Cross-Checking Enabled mean in Evault?

Auto Cross-Checking in Evault automatically verifies the stored data against predefined criteria, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Which industries can benefit from Evault's service?

Evault’s service is beneficial for various industries including Banking, Finance, Professional Services, Consulting Services / HR, Academia / Education, Legal, Government, Health, Real Estate, Tourism, SaaS, and more.

What is the significance of Disaster Recovery in Evault?

Evault provides a reliable and secure disaster recovery data storage solution, ensuring your crucial data remains accessible even in unforeseen situations.

How can businesses integrate Evault into their products?

You can integrate Evault using Iframe, API, or custom integration, making it simple to incorporate into your existing workflow. Our API provides the quickest way to connect with Evault’s services, enabling businesses to maximize their data storage needs efficiently.

What kind of customer support does Evault offer?

We provide comprehensive customer support to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may encounter. Our support team is available via email and phone to ensure a smooth experience. You can also reach out to us on: Contact us.

Need further information?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to, we are happy to help you if you need further assistance.