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What is Extract AI?

Extract AI is an advanced application that uses powerful AI technology and machine learning to automatically extract and classify data from various documents, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

How does Extract AI work?

Extract AI employs innovative OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract data swiftly and accurately from both structured and unstructured documents.

What benefits does Extract AI offer in terms of data accuracy and collection time?

Extract AI significantly enhances data accuracy to 97% compared to the market average of 75%. Additionally, data collection time is reduced to just 1 to 3 seconds per page from the previous 9 to 14 seconds.

What are the key features of Extract AI?

Extract AI includes quick and reliable OCR processing, export options in various formats (JSON, text, Excel), and the ability to create custom extraction templates with just a few examples. Extract AI efficiently extracts data from documents, whether structured or unstructured, organizing it in a seamless and organized format, saving time and resources.

How can custom extraction templates be created using Extract AI?

Creating custom extraction templates is made easy with AI Extract. You can create templates by providing only three data sets examples. Extract AI can export extracted data in JSON, text, or Excel format to suit your specific needs.

What security measures does Extract AI implement?

Extract AI is SOC2 Type 2 certified, ensuring data security and compliance with regulatory requirements. Verification takes place in a secure environment.

Can Extract AI integrate with existing workflows?

Yes, Extract AI seamlessly integrates into established workflows using API, UI, or IFRAME, providing an efficient and accurate data extraction process. Extract AI’s platform and services are designed to be customized according to your business needs, thanks to our modular architecture.

What sets Extract AI apart from traditional extraction methods?

Extract AI offers immediate and accurate extraction in a secure environment, changing the way documents and data are processed. Extract AI’s advanced AI and machine learning technology enable it to effectively extract data from both structured and unstructured documents.

Which industries can benefit from Extract AI's extraction service?

Extract AI’s services are beneficial for a wide range of industries including Banking, Finance, Real Estate, Health, Tourism, SaaS (Software as a Service), Professional Services, Academia, Government, Security, Crypto, Shared Economy, and more.

What kind of customer support does Extract AI offer?

We provide comprehensive customer support to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may encounter. Our support team is available via email and phone to ensure a smooth experience. You can also reach out to us on: Contact us

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