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What is Income & Employment Verification?

This service enables businesses (Legal Entities) to verify the income and employment details of an individual or business (End User) with Government Databases. The service uses End User consent to authenticate the request, and the details are provided to the Legal Entity.

What advantage does this service offer over manual verification processes?

Our service significantly reduces the time-consuming manual processes typically required for income and employment verification. It offers quick and accurate information for various purposes such as credit decisions, employee hiring, financial management, and property management.

Can I access the data after it has been transferred to the verifying business?

DoxAI does not store any data. Once the End User has provided their consent for DoxAI to transfer their income & employment information to the Verifying Business, DoxAI will facilitate the transfer of the consented information to the Verifying Business.

What data sets can I access?

With Income & Employment Verification, Verifying Business can request four different data sets from End Users:

  • Income data current
  • Income data history
  • Employment data current
  • Employment data history

Where is the data coming from?

The End User consents for DoxAI to act on their behalf by facilitating the transfer of their indicated data sets from government databases for a specific purpose to the Verifying Business.

If the End User denies proceeding, will my request be refunded?

If the request was initiated by the Verifying Business and not initiated by the End User, the Verifying Business will not be charged

At what stage will I get charged for the request?

You will be charged once the Income & Employment Verification request is completed.

Are Audit logs available?

Yes. You will be able to request audit logs if the solution you are using is API enabled.

Do I need to have ATO linked to MyGov account?

Yes, if the ATO portal is not connected to your MyGov account, then the Income & Employment Verification is not possible.

How do I know if the data is genuine?

Our Income & Employment Verification service functions as a bridge between the End User, government, and Verifying Business. The End User will consent to DoxAI facilitating the transfer of their specific data set for a specific purpose to the Verifying Business.

Where is my data stored? How long?

DoxAI (Income and employment individual and business solution as API) does not store any data, access or documents, all authorized information is transferred directly to the Verifying Business.

Can you explain the significance of secure and certified data verification?

Our Income and Employment Verification service meets compliance and regulatory requirements, ensuring the verification process takes place in a secure environment. DoxAI is SOC2 Type 2 certified, adding an extra layer of credibility.

What can I do with the data I receive?

All consented data can only be used for the purpose it was intended and consented for by the End User.

How will you ensure that the End User’s data is accurate? Will the End User (whose IEV data is requested) get to validate the data before it is submitted to the Verifying Business?

DoxAI will run identity checks on the End User before they can consent to DoxAI to run the Income & Employment Verification.

Can I make changes to the requested application?

If the request has not been submitted, changes can be made to the application. If submitted, a new request must be created with the new changes.

Who can place the IEV request? Do you facilitate a consent or approval process between Verifying Business and End User?

Only Verifying Businesses approved by DoxAI can access this specific service. DoxAI will run strict KYB processes to validate the Verifying Business.

How long does the verification process take?

Verification of the income and employment information of End Users takes place in 30 to 80 seconds.

Can the service be used for international individuals?

Yes, international individuals can use this service as well if they have been registered to the ATO portal.

Can you elaborate on the easy and fast integration options for the service?

The Income and Employment Verification service seamlessly integrates into established workflows using APIs, UI elements, or IFRAME solutions, making integration effortless and efficient.

What kind of customer support does Income and Employment Verification offer?

We provide comprehensive customer support to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may encounter. Our support team is available via email and phone to ensure a smooth experience. You can also reach out to us on: Contact us.

Need further information?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to, we are happy to help you if you need further assistance.